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2017 MN State Fair New Foods Preview Part 3

Yay! It's time for Part 3 of our 2017 MN State Fair New Foods Preview! Where we dish about all the delicious delectable awaiting us in just a few short weeks.

Part One and Part Two can be found by clicking the links.

On to the foods!

Fall Guy Breakfast Panini

Capicola and scrambled egg topped with white cheddar on ciabatta.

At The Hideaway Speakeasy in the Veranda, Grandstand upper level, northwest section


That’s it? Ham, cheese, and eggs on a panini?

Booo! BOO on this one! That’s boring! And the picture doesn’t look appetizing.

I can’t see how this will blow my mind. At best I think I will tolerate this. But probably it will cost like $8 and I’ll resent it before I even try it.

I already do, honestly.


Umm…I mean, there’s not like anything that doesn’t sound good about this sandwich, buuuut…it’s pretty simple.  Maybe too simple?  I feel like it’d be good, but not “new state fair food” good.  I bet I’d like it.


I think the Hideaway Speakeasy is a new vendor this year…?

(CONFIRMATION- it is.  Apparently it serves “Appetizers, Breakfast Sandwiches, and Paninis”).

Anyway, if this is the kind of food they’re offering then color me underwhelmed.  This looks like a sammich I could easily make at home and would choose not to.  Of all of the delicious breakfast meats that could be included on a breakfast sammich, Ham (oh!  I’m sorry- Capicola.  Trying to be fancy up in here with spiced and smoked pork shoulder.  IT’S HAM) is the crappiest choice to make.  And then scrambled eggs and white cheddar?  Wooh…

Honey Puffs (Loukamades)

Deep-fried dough balls crispy outside and sweet inside, tossed in a sweet syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

At Dino's Gyros on the north side of Carnes Ave. between Nelson & Underwood streets


Omg I definitely want these. I want them right now. RIGHT NOW. Why don’t I have them yet? Give it. I want it!

I mean, all you have to say is “crispy outside, sweet inside” and I’m there.


Dino’s makes the best gyros, hands down.  No point in getting gyros anywhere else at the fair, and honestly…no point in getting gyros at the fair period.  Dino’s has a year round restaurant in Roseville, so why waste room in my belly at the fair when I have so much food to cover.  This is the first time I’ve ever seen them on the list for new state fair foods though.  Holy crap crackers from LuLu’s, this sounds really good!  Oh man, it’s just…Aaaaggh!  Shove it in my maw!  Do it now!  They’re like little donut balls with cinnamon and sugar.  Like an elephant ear in ball form.  With sweet syrup?  What?  Aaaaggh!


Well these look delightful!  And they are a combination of things I like- pastry and foreign foods I haven’t tried yet!

Apparently Loukamades are Greek Honey Dumplings.  OK! These seem very simple so I do hope they’re not too expensive, but I am pretty excited to try them

Italian Bomba Sandwich

Beer-braised pork shoulder with prosciutto cotto ham, fontina cheese, giardiniera (Italian relish) and aioli on a grilled ciabatta roll.

At Mancini's al Fresco on the north side of Carnes Ave. between Nelson & Underwood streets


Everything about this sounds spectacular until you get to that Italian relish. Looking at that picture and seeing that relish makes we want to NOPE right out of here.

Probably what will happen is, I will take a bite, think it’s great but that the relish ruins it. Hope that Anne and Patrick feel the same so we can scrape the relish off and just eat the rest of it.


Aw yeah, now this is a sandwich I can get my meat hooks into.  Look at all that awesome meat, and giardiniera pepper relish is my jam (is that another pun?  Relish is kind of like a jam.)  This just looks like a bitchin’ sandwich, plain and simple, and I aims to eat it.  How could this possibly disappoint?  It can’t, I’m calling it.


Heh.  Bomba.

I don’t know about that Italian Relish.  I’m not a relish fan, and that doesn’t look very appetizing to me. Otherwise the sandwich looks pretty good and I’ll of course give it a go as is.  But I’m betting it’ll just make we want a good Cuban sammich instead (braised pork shoulder, mmmm)

Maple Cream Nitro Cold Press Coffee

Locally sourced heavy cream and maple syrup in a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen.

At Farmers Union Coffee Shop on the north side of Dan Patch Ave. between Cooper & Cosgrove streets


Well, I don’t drink coffee, so I expect I won’t really like this. But, I mean, heavy cream can only help.

Maple syrup again, though. I’m starting to sense a theme…


Huh.  Yeah, I’ll give it a go.  I like coffee alright.  Neither of the other two are likely to want to drink it, but they’ll have to try it, because dem’s da rules!  Maybe it will be really good, and if not, I’ll get my caffeine buzz to keep my going through the day.


Do people go to the State Fair to drink fancy coffee?  Like- don’t we have enough options for fancy coffee in our regular day-to-day lives?

I’m not a coffee drinker, but the photo looks good in the way that coffee always looks good.  But otherwise- isn’t this just a Maple Coffe zazzed up in a non-impactful way?  NOW WITH NITROGEN!

Memphis Totchos

Sliced bananas and sautéed bacon over tater tots, topped with peanut sauce.

At Snack House in the Warner Coliseum, south concourse


I don’t know about this. It contains all things I love. But mixing bananas and tots? I don’t know. I feel like the texture more than anything is gonna be weird.

I love bananas, though. Patrick hates them. Probably more than he hates avocados.


What?  T-This…this sound pretty great, but…why the eff did you put stupid bananas on it?  I hate bananas, and even if I didn’t, I don’t know why they’re on this dish!  God Dammit!  You don’t know what you’re doing Snack House.  You don’t-know-what-you-are-doing!  Get it together guys.  Just…get your shit together.  Can’t believe I gotta eat bananas.  Stupid.


So my initial reaction was “I am so over Totchos” (which, for those not in the know, Totchos are Tater Tots + Nachos).  But then I realized these are a sweet + savory totchos with bananas and peanut sauce and bacon and now they’ve reeled me back in.  I’m excited to try these!

Mini Sconuts

Buttermilk scone holes filled with chocolate, marshmallow and Nutella®, deep-fried and topped with a dusting of powdered sugar. (Gluten-free)

At French Meadow Bakery & Cafe on the north side of Carnes Ave. between Nelson & Underwood streets


So it’s more or less a deep fried scone filled with sweet stuff? I mean, okay. I’m curious to see how the texture of the deep fried scone works out. Because scones aren’t soft like a donut, so then will they come out dense instead of fluffy? I suspect so.

Man there’s a lot of chocolate and marshmallow on this list, too. Maybe try stuffing other sweet things in your things?


EEEEEE!  Oh man this is…this is everything!  I love Nutella, I frigging luuuuuurve marshmallow, and chocolate all together and deep fried into a scone?  You crazy girl!  You let me down last you French Meadow…you owe it to me, to make this a hit.  Do it.  Just do it!  I’mma devour you.


What are these like mini scones or something?  OH- yes they are. Huh.  Well these sound scrummy, and apparently I need to step up my scone game.  French Meadow Bakery rarely disappoints (last year was the first year in evs that we were sad- stupid rustic pastry thing), and while I am not a fan of marshmallow cream (as stated before), I am excited to try these as deep fried pastries are something that French Meadow tends to do well.

And that concludes our Part Three of the new foods review! Only two parts left. Please join us here tomorrow. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

RIP Allen West.

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  1. Do people go to the State Fair to drink fancy coffee?

    Probably not, but there's probably fancy coffee drinkers at the fair, and maybe this is meant to appeal to them?

    why the eff did you put stupid bananas on it?

    Given the Memphis name, I think they're going for an Elvis thing, recreating his beloved Peanut Butter/Banana/Bacon sandwiches which now bear his name as Totchos.


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