Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Classics Countdown: Walleye Cakes

Today is the final day of our Classics Countdown, because tomorrow we will be at the MN State Fair sampling new classics!!!

The last Classic is:

Walleye Cakes

Location: Giggles Campfire Grill Southeast corner of Lee Ave. & Cooper St. at The North Woods

Sarah: Walleye Cakes is one of the only foods we have tried to bring home to our parents (who are not annual fair-goers) so they could taste the rainbow, so to speak.

Walleye Cakes are like crab cakes, except with walleye insetad of crab (doy.) You get two, served with a side of tartar, and the cakes are flakey, and delicate and flavorful and I could stuff my face with 8 of them right now if I had some in front of me.

I CANNOT WAIT to eat these. Luckily, I don’t have to wait much longer.

Anne: Oh Giggles--once again you win with your palate-satisfying comestibles. Walleye cakes are a newer item--it debuted just a few years ago but it was hands down the best new item we had that year, and as a result we get it every year (true story- sometimes we bring them home too).

Perfectly fried cake and a tangy dipping sauce. I don’t know how to describe these other than that they are, in fact, the best seafood cake I have ever had in my entire life. And I’m very glad I can get them every year. Unlike other items, you may not want to share these--they’re that good.

Patrick: Giggles has been serving this for a while I think, but we only more recently gave it a try (because Giggles only serves up delicious haymakers to your tongue).

Like a crab cake, but with delicious walleye meat, and served with some sort of spicy Cajun ranch or something, this thing is the bomb.

It’s crispy, crumbly, flaky, and fishy…the good kind of fishy, not suspicious or anything. If you like crab cakes, you’ll love walleye cakes, and you’ll love Giggles.


  1. I LOVE crab cakes, I'm definitely gonna puke at the fair from over-eating this year, thanks a lot you guys! ;)

  2. If you love crab cakes, you are gonna flip your shit over Walleye cakes!

  3. Plus, there's a coupon for these in the bargain book this year!

    Are you guys doing daily updates w/new food stuff during the fair, or should I just be watching Facebook?

  4. We'll be doing our usual FB posts, but then we'll be doing longer write ups on the blog, mostly just for a better record


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